Did you know the time you spend doing educational activities at home with your child
​helps to fund Head Start? 

Did you know the time you spend doing educational activities at home with your child
​helps to fund Head Start? Did you know the time you spend doing educational activities at home with your child
​helps to fund Head Start? 

Caring Child

Head Start receives funds from the federal government to serve children and families. A requirement of this funding is that we must “match” 20% of the funding with donations of time, supplies, or local funding. So the time you and your child spend at home on the educational activities that enhance your child’s learning, can be counted toward this required match. We call this In-Kind (meaning donated time). 
Below are In-Kind Activity Sheets which we ask you to use to track the time you spend at home on educational activities with your child. Also below are calendar pages of possible In Kind Activities along with examples of In-Kind. Your child’s teacher will also supply you with ideas for In-Kind Activities. 


In-Kind is donated time, space, supplies or services provided to our program at no cost. Goods and services normally free of charge do not qualify as In-Kind.


HEADSTART FUNDS come directly from the federal government. However, they do not provide all the funds needed to operate our program. They expect that 20% of our funds come from “in-kind donations” of time, space, or materials that the program would otherwise purchase.


VOLUNTEER TIME is “valued” at the rate the program would have to pay for the services. For example, a dollar amound for a parent helping in the classroom would be assigned at a rate equal to that of the teacher. The dollar amounts for time, space, and materials are totaled to reach our required match.

Examples of In-Kind

Open House/ Evaluation Schedule

Come to Croatian Park for a fun meet and greet. Coaches will be available to you to ask any questions of or just to say hello. Players will come and run through a typical session. Players will learn about some of the technical parts of the game, like dribbling, trapping, 1st touch, passing and shooting. Players will also be able to showcase their abilities in a game setting as well. Academy Evaluation Schedule and Field Assignments Link Tuesday, June 8- Academy Evaluations and Open House- Wednesday, June 9- Academy Evaluations and Open House- Tuesday, June 15- Academy Evaluations and Open House Wednesday, June 16-Academy Evaluations and Open House Players do not need to attend all evaluations, but are STRONGLY encouraged to do so. If these dates need to be adjusted for whatever reason, we will communicate immediately with all who have registered. The coaches and staff will abide by all social distancing guidelines provided to us by WYSA, CDC and state regulatory bodies, to ensure a safe playing environment.

Registration Information

Registration is for boys or girls born between 2015-2012 interested in joining the Croatian Eagles Soccer Club. 1. Online Pre-Registration is required. 2. All levels of play and abilities welcome. 3. Registration for evaluations FREE . Note: Players MUST be registered as age appropriate. Per club policy, playing up is approved after evaluations and is decided by the Directors after consultation with the coaches. 4. Open House/evaluation registration is different than Season Registration. -There is no fee to attend open house sessions. -We would strongly encourage all interested members to officially register for the following season during or before open houses/evaluations. 5. Registration for the full 2021-2022 season begins on May 15th!

Day of Evaluation (open house) and Team Assignment

1. Register for age appropriate Open House/Evaluation 2. Attend age level assigned time. 3. Bring cleats, water, a ball, and a smile on your face! Open houses will be a place where your son or daughter can come and play soccer for free. They will be led by Croatian Eagles Soccer Club Coaches and directors. Players will be exposed heavily to technical, physical and psychosocial components of the game during these sessions. Final team assignments won't occur until the first couple of weeks into the season. CESC believes there is a fit for all players and we do our best to ensure that all players are maximizing their talents, being challenged appropriately, while having fun which is done via proper team placement. CESC staff will abide by all WYSA, State, local, CDC and other governing bodies with respect to safe practices during these times.