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Full Day

Sand Study

In this activity we were comparing dirt and sand. We explored the texture and properties of each. Kids explored mixing them and called them mud pies
Teaching Strategy objectives:
Science & Technology
Uses Scientific Inquiry Skills – Observes and Explores, Manipulates Objects to Understand their Properties





Here are a few pictures for our recent happenings. We picked veggies in the garden. We have been reading Stone Soup retold by Heather Forest and art by Susan Gaber (on YouTube see Stone Soup: Animated Stories for Kids). Today we cooked the stone soup and shared it. Sharing was the most important ingredient.

     Full Day Stone Soup




Here is Full Day making sand. Project was using hammers and rolling pins to break bricks, cement, sand stone, river rock, sea shells and pea gravel



Pea gravel was a donation from Atlas {5 gallons}– big thanks to them. David Grant, Teacher Amy's brother, donated sand stone.)

FDFY Making Sand